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English-speaking film and tv services available to Thailand based OTT providers

Looking to partner with OTT providers in Thailand for English-speaking film and tv content



About the opportunity provider

The company is a leading worldwide sales, finance  and production company committed to creating strong relationships between filmmakers, film financiers and distributors through the exchange of product, information and commerce. It specializes in high quality, commercial films that appeal to North American audiences and the ever-evolving global film market. Over the past ten years, the company has acquired, financed, produced and/or sold over 200 films ranging in budgets from $5 million to $90 million, including studio films from Disney, Sony, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, Amazon, and Netflix.

Size – 11-50 employees

Location – California, USA

Some prominent clients include – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount amongst others

Who is this opportunity for

Company Type – OTT/ Broadcast companies

Company Location – Thailand

Company Size – No Constraint

Next Steps

Send us details regarding:

Brief note about your company credentials

If you looking for rights to additional territories please do indicate it.


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