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Japanese animation studio seeks co-production for manga-based kids’ animation

This group is seeking a co-production partner for their kids’ animation series,  based on a long-running manga that debuted in 1990 in the magazine ‘Pyon Pyon’ and continues to be featured in ‘Ciao.’

About the project

It’s a national gag manga portraying the genuine experiences of elementary school girls, exploring themes such as growing up, personal choices, and the adventures of a transfer student from Fukushima Prefecture.

Key highlights:

  • Popularity: With over 4.5 million copies sold in the Indonesian market, the series is beloved by fans, particularly elementary school girls, and has gained national recognition spanning two generations.
  • Target Audience: The series caters to a diverse demographic, including children and adults, with a substantial fanbase in Indonesia and Malaysia. Overseas sales exceed 5.3 million copies, with 3.3 million in the Indonesian edition and 950,000 in the Vietnamese edition.
  • Benchmark: Similar adaptations, such as “Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san,” have achieved success, serving as benchmarks for this project.
  • Media: The series will be released via Video-on-Demand (VOD) and as a TV series.
  • Length: Each episode will run for 15 to 30 minutes, with the first season comprising 12 episodes.
  • Budget: The budget for the first season is estimated at $33,000 US dollars for each 15-minute episode, totaling 12 episodes.

About the Directors:

  • Benpi Neko: Director of ‘Panpaka Pants‘ and other productions, boasting experience directing over 400 short anime projects.
  • Kotaro Yamawaki: Director of ‘Eagle Talon‘ and other works, contributing to numerous theatrical and television animations.
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About the opportunity provider

DLE, Inc. is a vibrant entertainment company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Established in 2001, DLE has left a remarkable imprint with its enchanting characters and imaginative worlds, ranging from comical yet hapless villains to endearing piglets with a penchant for wearing pants. Beyond animation, DLE has diversified into various sectors, including film and television. Renowned for its creative prowess, DLE remains committed to seeking fresh opportunities and embracing innovative challenges in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Size – 201 to 500 employees

Location – Japan

Who is this opportunity for

Company Type – Animation Production, Financing, Distribution Companies

Company Location – preferably Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam.

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