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Licensing, rights, dating, acquisition


Licensing Rights required for Streaming/Broadcast: Dating Shows

The acquisition team of a major streaming company is looking to secure licenses for TV shows exploring human relationships.

Format – TV Series
Runtime (minimum) – 6 ep x 45 mins
Genre – Reality /Factual /Unscripted
Sub-Genre – Dating/ Relationships/ Love
Rights Type – Streaming (Broadcast, Digital)
Territory – LaTAM
Sub/Dubs – Brazilian Portuguese, English

Licensing, Live Music, Productions, LATAM


Licensing rights required for live music productions (Recorded)

A major broadcaster is looking to acquire streaming and broadcast rights to live music productions (recorded). This is for Latin America and the Caribbean territories. The featured musicians need to be contemporary young female performers, such as Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish or other similar artists popular with a young audience.

Licensing, Acquisition, LATAM, South American


Streaming rights sought for nearly finished content | South American productions only

The streaming company wishes to secure licensing agreements for high-quality finished (or near completion) content originating from the LATAM region. They are looking to acquire content produced in LATAM, leveraging the rich creative pool of talent and diverse cultural narratives available in the region.


Production studio looking for Localisation Services

An independent production house based in LA, USA is looking for localisation service providers to adapt a, yet to be released, English feature film for Italy, Mexico and South Korea.


APAC Broadcaster looking for Food-related Content avails from LATAM & SE-Asia

This broadcaster would like to engage with distributors who have rights available for content from South-East Asian, Indian, African, and Latin American regions. They are specifically looking for stories that highlight the role of food in regional festivals and celebrations.


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