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Props, Pre-Production


Call for Prop Vendors specialising in Film & TV

This international studio is looking for reliable and experienced vendors specializing in providing props for film and tv productions.

The studio aims to improve and expand its list of preferred vendors, ensuring a seamless supply of various props to enhance the narrative and visual elements of their productions. The selected vendors will play a crucial role in helping the studio bring captivating stories to life through their diverse range of prop offerings and reliable services.

This is an RFI-based opportunity. The studio produces multiple films and TV series each year and wants to strengthen their list of preferred suppliers for shoot schedules planned in Europe for 2023–25.


Content acquisition team seeking rights to award-winning international content

Looking to acquire content exploring captivating and thought-provoking narratives that resonate with a diverse audience. Must demonstrate a proven track record of winning any awards, such as international film festival accolades, industry honors, or recognition from esteemed organizations. Rights Territory – UK


Looking for content exploring monarchies around the world

This company is looking for a compelling documentary about royalty that explores the fascinating lives and histories of monarchs from around the globe.
VOD : Factual Limited Series (6×45′ minimum – HD)

Licensing, Acquisition, LATAM, South American


Streaming rights sought for nearly finished content | South American productions only

The streaming company wishes to secure licensing agreements for high-quality finished (or near completion) content originating from the LATAM region. They are looking to acquire content produced in LATAM, leveraging the rich creative pool of talent and diverse cultural narratives available in the region.

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