Streaming rights required for Factual Content

European OTT platform is looking to acquire streaming rights for Factual content. English titles with subs and dubs in other foreign languages preferred.

Type – Streaming (OTT)
Rights – FVOD
Content Type – Movies, Series, Documentaries, Shorts
Genre – Nature, Wildlife, Circularity, Climate, Human (rights) stories, Eco-innovations
Duration – Shorts, Mini Documentaries, Long Form Features, Series (longer than 15 mins)

About the opportunity provider

This platform aims to deliver unique and award-winning movies, shows and documentaries to the global audiences

Size – 50 to 100+ employees

Location – Europe

Who is this opportunity for

Company Type – Distribution, Producers

Company Location – Worldwide

Company Size – 50+

Critical criteria : Genre – Nature, Wildlife, Circularity, Climate, Human (rights) stories, Eco-innovations; Rights – FVOD, Type – Streaming (OTT)

Next Steps

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Brief note about your company credentials

Content portfolio with avail details

Industry accreditations

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