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UK animation studio seeking IP rights to popular kids content

This animation studio produces some of the most popular children’s content in the world. They are looking to expand their portfolio by collaborating with animation studios. The studio seeks to acquire IP for popular content in South Korea, Japan, India, Brazil and Australia.



About the opportunity provider

This international media organisation aims to teach children all over the world to be caring, understanding, and strong through entertaining content. Every month, they make a wide range of audio and video content.

Size – 500+ employees

Location – Europe

Who is this opportunity for

Company Type – Animation Production studios

Critical criteria – IP Ownership of Popular content

Company Location – South Korea, Japan, India, Brazil and Australia

Platforms : Youtube, OTT, Satellite

Company Size – 50+

Next Steps

Send us details regarding:

Brief note about your company credentials

Past Production portfolio

IP rights available for pre-school children’s content

Audience Metrics for claimed IP (Awards, Viewership metrics, Press, Critical Acclaim]



Tags: Acquisition, Animation, IP Rights, Japan, Pre-school


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