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US-based post-production company looking for localization partners

US-based post-production company looking for Dubbing partners in Hebrew


Dubbing partners in Hebrew

About the opportunity provider

This company has a first-class all-fiber post-production facility in the US. The company offers a full suite of post services in a small, flexible environment. Content owners and studios of any level can access their delivery pipeline to fulfill media in any format to hundreds of distributors worldwide. On-time and error-free delivery are the most important measures of success in digital supply chain services, and the company claims to provide efficient solutions to meet these challenges. The facility is optimized to meet demanding budget requirements while maintaining the highest quality and perfect service.

Size – 11-50 employees

Location – California, USA

Clients & Partners include – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Warner Bros. Universal, SKY

Apple preferred encoding house

Who is this opportunity for

Company Type – Localisation companies

Company Location – worldwide (proven track record in Hebrew localisation projects)

Company Size – 11-100

Next Steps

Send us details regarding:

Brief note about your company credentials

Past client list

Localisation projects (special focus on Hebrew projects)

Facility specs


Tags: Dubbing, Hebrew, Localisation, USA, Worldwide


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